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26/01/2015 Dialektbewertung [de] Pronuncia di Dialektbewertung 0 voti
26/01/2015 Laienbezeichnung [de] Pronuncia di Laienbezeichnung 0 voti
26/01/2015 Göttweig [de] Pronuncia di Göttweig 0 voti
26/01/2015 Dialektmerkmal [de] Pronuncia di Dialektmerkmal 0 voti
26/01/2015 Prognosebasis [de] Pronuncia di Prognosebasis 0 voti
26/01/2015 Wahrnehmungsdialektologie [de] Pronuncia di Wahrnehmungsdialektologie 0 voti
26/01/2015 Erlachs [de] Pronuncia di Erlachs 0 voti
26/01/2015 Nivellierungsmöglichkeit [de] Pronuncia di Nivellierungsmöglichkeit 0 voti
26/01/2015 kapazitätskonform [de] Pronuncia di kapazitätskonform 0 voti
26/01/2015 Planperiode [de] Pronuncia di Planperiode 0 voti
26/01/2015 Kapazitätsreservierung [de] Pronuncia di Kapazitätsreservierung 0 voti
26/01/2015 Werkkapazität [de] Pronuncia di Werkkapazität 0 voti
26/01/2015 Angebotsphase [de] Pronuncia di Angebotsphase 0 voti
26/01/2015 Kundenbestellprozess [de] Pronuncia di Kundenbestellprozess 0 voti
26/01/2015 Werksvertriebsprognose [de] Pronuncia di Werksvertriebsprognose 0 voti
26/01/2015 Lieferzeitenthematik [de] Pronuncia di Lieferzeitenthematik 0 voti
26/01/2015 Auftragsrealisierung [de] Pronuncia di Auftragsrealisierung 0 voti
26/01/2015 Beispielunternehmen [de] Pronuncia di Beispielunternehmen 0 voti
26/01/2015 Logistikleistung [de] Pronuncia di Logistikleistung 0 voti
26/01/2015 ingenieurgetrieben [de] Pronuncia di ingenieurgetrieben 0 voti
26/01/2015 Ausgliederungskostenstelle [de] Pronuncia di Ausgliederungskostenstelle 0 voti
26/01/2015 Ausgleichspuffer [de] Pronuncia di Ausgleichspuffer 0 voti
26/01/2015 Volksdialektologie [de] Pronuncia di Volksdialektologie 0 voti
26/01/2015 Küstenplatt [de] Pronuncia di Küstenplatt 0 voti
26/01/2015 Auslandsproduktion [de] Pronuncia di Auslandsproduktion 0 voti
26/01/2015 Auslandsfertigung [de] Pronuncia di Auslandsfertigung 0 voti
26/01/2015 Ausschussquote [de] Pronuncia di Ausschussquote 0 voti
26/01/2015 Ausschussproduktion [de] Pronuncia di Ausschussproduktion 0 voti
26/01/2015 Ausschussmaterial [de] Pronuncia di Ausschussmaterial 0 voti
26/01/2015 Ausschussfertigung [de] Pronuncia di Ausschussfertigung 0 voti

Informazioni utente

Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Swedish, some Latin.

Please keep in mind that I am here to help you, not to punish you. I am not paid or anything, I am a volunteer. Yes, I can be a bit annoying at times, but that's my job, eh?

If you need a song, poem or prayer pronounced, feel free to contact me. I will then send you a recording.

A little bit about myself:
I am 21 years old and currently residing in Malmö, Sweden, studying "European studies".
Foreign contacts are always welcome.
Many of my friends are from countries other than Germany :)

I'm doing my best to pronounce all words as clearly as possible, but my accent is slightly influenced by the Franconian dialect, which means that my pronunciations sometimes sound a bit nasal. Also, I roll my "R"s probably much more than a usual German would do.
This special R is uvular and is therefore different from the alveolar R used in the non-Franconian parts of Bavaria, in Austria and in Switzerland.
However, one could generalize by saying that my accent is from southern Germany.

My "Mainfränkisch" is not as good as it should be, but since there are hardly any other contributors in this section, one may excuse my imperfect pronunciation.
As dialects start to recede, it is hard to find any fluent speakers of Mainfränkisch in my generation.
All of my word contributions in this section are taken from common knowledge as well as essays and books written in Mainfränkisch.

Sesso: Uomo

Accento/nazione: Germania

Contatta Thonatas

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